Better logging, notifications, and navigation

We just launched a batch of improvements focused on making the peakery website easier to use across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Better Logging

We cut out several steps to make logging your climbs easier.

  • Sitewide ‘Log a climb’ button: at the top of every page on the site

  • Log directly from your GPX tracks: peakery will automatically match the peaks.

  • Multi-peak logging: when you climb multiple peaks in a day, now you can choose to log them together:


Better Notifications

The old News page is no more. But its contents live on in 2 places:

  • a new Notifications area for just the news involving you: 

  • a new ‘Members you follow’ filter on the Latest page for news just about those you follow:



BEtter Navigation

We rethought the site’s navigation to make it more intuitive, better organize features, and surface important parts of the site that were buried.

Some of the changes:

  • icons next to links
  • homepage is now called Latest
  • new Peaks dropdown with options to view peaks by Map, List, and Regions:

  • moved all of the hard-to-access links from the old footer into a More dropdown (and added a Contact us link):

  • access all of your pages from your profile photo:

  • search is now more prominent
  • completely new mobile nav; now includes all of the same links as on desktop:


How do you like these new features? Find any bugs? Please let us know by emailing us from the Contact us link or messaging us via our Facebook page.


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