August is “PEAK MONTH”

Join for peakery’s first ever PEAK MONTH!

Based on popular demand we’ve extended the annual PEAK WEEK into 4 weeks of mountain adventures.

To join in on PEAK MONTH:

1. Go summit peaks during the month.

2. Then log your climbs on peakery to share with everyone.

In the past we’ve given out peakery stickers to all participants, we might do that again but no promises…

Why PEAK MONTH? Because we hope it’ll give you a little extra push to make some mountain plans before summer’s end.*

We look forward to seeing your photos & following along with your adventures in the mountains.

-peakery team


* OK, for southern hemisphere peakery members, let us know if you’d also like to take part in a PEAK MONTH SOUTH in, ahh, let me think… February??


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