Peak regions get some love

peakery’s long-term goal is to become the world’s ultimate resource to plan, collect, and share your mountain hiking & climbing adventures. An important ingredient in this is accurate and comprehensive info for every mountain in the world. It’s going to take years of constant improvement to get there, but with your help we plan to keep chipping away at it.

Huge cleanup of regions
In line with that, we just released a major cleanup of peakery’s worldwide regions info. Previously, over 1,000 peaks had no country and over 60,000 had no region. Even worse, a huge number of peaks were assigned to outdated or incorrect regions. We fixed all of that in 249 countries/territories and almost 4,000 regions.

Country maps come to life
Now with updated regions, every country’s geochart shows its regions fully colored in. A few examples of how much better these look:

Faster loading region pages
While we were in here, we greatly reduced the loading time of all of the regions pages. If you experience a really slow regions page (> 5 sec to load) please let us know and we’ll take another look.

Streamlined peak approval
With the new regions in place we’ll be able to respond to new peak submissions much faster. Before, we’d often need to manually assign regions to submitted peaks, but now they’ll be auto-assigned.

Meanwhile in bug land…
• fixed issue that wasn’t showing non-member companions in summit logs
• fixed issue that prevented removing non-member companions from your logs
• in summit logs added hover tooltips over Companion and Like avatars showing member names
• improved UI for adding companions to a log
• added checks to prevent losing data in logs when user doesn’t hit ‘add’ button in some sections
• added a peakery mobile app icon for when you save peakery to your homescreen on iPhone/iPad for quick access. DO IT NOW! Here’re the steps:

1. load in Safari on your iPhone/iPad

2. tap the share icon at the bottom

3. choose the 'Add to Home Screen' option in the bottom row

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