A swift kick in the MAP!

The Map is the most popular feature of peakery. Its truly global coverage of the world’s peaks on detailed outdoor map layers is a great resource for those looking to explore the mountains. Now we’ve made it even better with a bunch of big new features.

1. Peak showcase (on the right)

As you browse the Map, see photos and info about the most popular and highest peaks currently in view. Profoundly improves the exploration experience. Oh, and easily hide the column whenever you want to see more map.

2. 3D map

3D maps make a triumphant return to peakery, this time much bigger and better than ever. It goes without saying that a 3D view is ideally suited for visualizing mountainous terrain (sorry, guess we just said it).

Titcomb Basin, Wind River Range, Wyoming

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Na Pali Coast, Kauai

Western slopes of Mount Rainier, Washington

Great Range, Adirondacks, New York

Snowdon Horseshoe, Wales

Select the 3D Map option from this updated Map Layers control in the top center of the map:

Bonus: we also added a Streets layer, bringing the total # of map layers to 8

3. Additional peak sliders (on the left)

In addition to the new peak toggles previously announced (Classics, In Challenge, You climbed, Has GPS track), we added 3 new peak sliders:

Filter to peaks with routes of desired distance

Vertical gain
Filter to peaks with routes of desired vertical gain

Last climbed
See where peakery members have been climbing recently. Can be useful for trip planning and a great way to get a sense of what’s going on in a region.

4. Tons of new stuff on the map

We enriched the Map with several new pieces of info. Hit the new Eye button which is a map legend but also lets you toggle the visibility of many new items on the peakery map:

The Eye button is both a map legend and a way to turn info on/off

Your awards on the map

Your King of the Mountains, Summit Stewards, and First Ascents now appear right on the map. Strategize which peaks to tackle to amass clusters of awards, if that’s your cup of tea.

Classic peaks on the map

With new icons you can easily see the Classics at a glance while looking at all peaks in a region. Know of a Classic that’s missing? Let us know at feedback@peakery.com)

Peak Challenges on the map

Icons for Challenges are shown in the approximate center of all the peaks included in the challenge. A great new way to discover Challenges.

Photos on the map

Zoom in to see 1000s of geotagged photos from peakery members. Tap a photo icon to see it fullscreen in a gallery view and quickly swipe through all nearby photos.

5. New design + 3D maps for mobile web map

We redesigned the map on peakery.com’s mobile website to show more map and less nav clutter. We also made the buttons bigger and easier to tap.

And we’re excited to unveil 3D maps on your phone and tablet. On most newer phones, they actually run smoother than most laptops!

iPhone users: we recommend adding peakery to your homescreen to see the fullscreen version. Just tap the share icon at the bottom of the Safari browser and then tap ‘Add to Home Screen’

Android users: be sure to head to the Google Play store to get the official peakery Android app

What’s next for the Map

We plan to keep improving and extending these new map features. Also in-the-works are new tools to make it easier — and more fun — to help improve peakery’s mountain info.

So what do you think?

We hope you like the changes. If you do, please let us know. If not, also please let us know. Please share your feedback with us at feedback@peakery.com or on Twitter @peakery . Bug reports, feature requests, questions — please get in touch. We’ll try to be responsive.

— the peakery team

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