Ready for spring: over 100 fixes since launch of the new peakery

After February’s massive release of the new peakery, we knew there’d be some issues — even after fixing over 50 bulleted pages of bugs before launch. But we still underestimated the bugginess.

Thank you to the many peakery members who didn’t get too mad and reported issues. Over the last few weeks we’ve fixed over 100 annoying issues (most of them discovered by members).

We plan to keep fixing bugs. If you find any more please let us know. You can reach us on Facebook or email at

For those that want the details, here’s the full list of bugs we’ve fixed since launch:

Summit logs:
1. improved photo uploading that fixes errors, doubles upload speed, allows multiple photo selection, and automatically senses file errors before fully uploading.
2. improved elevation gain calculations with smoothing of tracks and minimum uphill/downhill trends concept to smooth out tiny fluctuations on a rolling route
3. fixed incorrect metric units conversion in logs
4. fixed 500 error when submit elevation or prominence in meters
5. fixed datepicker UI issues in Windows Chrome and Edge browsers
6. fixed new routes not available to select when logging a climb
7. fixed 500 error when adding a new route to a log
8. fixed errors logging and editing logs
9. fixed issue with saving edited logs
10. fixed issue with save button being inactive when add a route to a log
11. fixed error when trying to upload a GPX file
12. fixed issue preventing removing a log
13. fixed error when trying to remove a GPX file
14. fixed issue preventing removing distance, elevation, and time values from logs
15. fixed issue preventing removing photos from logs
16. fixed issue that showed uploaded photos on site even when a member abandoned logging part way through
17. in comments linked usernames to the member’s pages
18. fixed issue causing all hearts to always show up red on a peak’s Summits page
19. fixed issue with photo captions not showing up in the fullsize photo viewer
20. changed all GPX tracks to red color to be consistent throughout site
21. added the “Elevation start” stat to the Elevation box
22. fixed issue that didn’t show photos that had spaces in their filenames
23. fixed issue that didn’t allow save of photo captions when editing a log
24. fixed a bug in how handling some GPX files that prevented uploading them
25. fixed peak map markers infowindows on mobile
26. replaced the red peak marker with the orange version to be consistent throughout site
27. fixed a timezone issue that caused the number of days shown on logs to sometimes be wrong
28. fixed issue to update stats when remove and re-add a GPX file
29. fixed the order of photos shown in summit logs

Member profiles:
30. fixed error with Days since last climb always showing 0
31. fixed peak photos not showing on “Nearest to home” goal
32. changed the info page to only show photos from your summit logs (instead of all photos you contribute)
33. fixed incorrect Home Basecamp location mappings
34. fixed issue with map not centering on home basecamp when click the name of the Home Basecamp or the Completion radius box map
35. changed when click the Completion radius stat now goes to Peaks table view
36. removed case sensitivity in member page URLs
37. changed definition of Winter to include all of Mar 20 since some users weren’t getting Winter grid credit because the Vernal Equinox time varies every year
38. fixed issue showing multiple badges for the same peak
39. fixed issue with badge images not showing up because of spaces in image names
40. fixed issues with badges showing incorrect King of Mountains
41. fixed issue showing First Ascents on badges when multiple members logged a peak on the same day
42. fixed members’ Challenge maps not showing the correct completed peaks

Peak pages:
43. fixed server errors preventing some peak pages from loading
44. fixed some characters in the filename causing some peak pages not to load
45. fixed thumbnailing broken for peak photos with spaces in filenames
46. fixed issue with Edit peak and Add peak submitting slightly incorrect peak locations
47. fixed nAn showing up in Prominence input box
48. fixed slow loading of peak pages by optimizing cesium.js 3D view loading
49. fixed issue with Highlights input boxes not showing all of text (even when paste in text).
50. fixed error when clicked ‘edit highlights’ on some peak pages
51. fixed the date of photos to be the date of the summit logs (if they’re part of one)
52. fixed pagination issues when filtering the Summits page (and rest of site)
53. fixed flickr photo attribution links in fullsize photo viewer
54. when editing the peak, if peak outside of US select the meters unit for elevation and prominence by default
55. fixed error with Most liked filter on Summits page

56. fixed issues with caching of homepage
57. fixed issue with the same summit log showing up twice
58. fixed issue with missing peaks photos
59. fixed issue that keeps World selected on the homepage if navigate away and come back.
60. fixed issue of vertical orientation photos being scrunched

Region pages:
61. fixed continent/country/region timing out when > 5000 peaks,
62. fixed Region > Challenges not showing all challenges
63. fixed missing pagination on Continent/Country/Region > Challenges pages
64. fixed last country at bottom being partially hidden on Regions > world
65. fixed Country > Map on mobile to show the correct filter icon

Add missing peak:
66. fixed bug related to not specifying a peak name when adding a missing peak
67. changed format of auto peak names to Peak 1234 m (or Peak 1234 ft in US)
68. unlinked the other peak markers on the map to prevent leaving form
69. use meters by default for elevation and prominence if the Map page was previously centered outside of US

70. fixed distance to summit showing 0.0 when added a route GPX and then adjusted
71. fixed a bunch of errors when adding GPX files
72. removed the constraint that a GPX must require time data
73. fixed routes showing incorrect number of summits
74. added link to Google Maps directions in the Getting there section of route detail pages
75. if peak outside of US, select the meters unit for elevation and prominence by default when adding or editing a route
76. fixed issue with some characters causing errors in Route Highlights

Peak Challenges
77. fixed broken challenge links in “Want to add a peak challenge” modal
78. fixed on Challenges > members if 0 peaks climbed in 2nd round, don’t show the bar for the 2nd round
79. fixed issue on Challenge > Info page with clicking the moving peak photos linking to incorrect peaks
80. fixed attempts being counted as summits in Challenges
81. Challenge > Summits: fixed pagination issue showing incorrect number of summits on
82. Challenges >Members: changed the text to always say ‘last peak’ regardless of if summit or attempt
83. Challenges > World: linked ANTARCTICA to the continent page, not the region page
84. fixed issue with missing main photos for some challenges
85. fixed issue with search not working on Challenges > Peaks page

Search/Peaks page
86. fixed non-alpha characters breaking search
87. fixed error in number of You summits shown
88. fixed bad scrolling behavior when clicking pagination link
89. fixed error when searched for a peak name and US state name

90. linked the entire header of each member card to their profile
91. fixed error when viewing some pages
92. added pagination to members list

93. fixed infowindows popping up at wrong locations when map area shows the international date line
94. Prime Meridian Bug™: fixed bug when peaks vanish when map shows both the PM and IDL
95. fixed issue with some challenge maps not showing all peaks in the challenge
96. fixed issue with bad character in a peak name causing no peaks to load in Challenge map
97. fixed issue pushing zoom buttons off edge of screen in Windows Chrome

98. fixed reset password to first check if email account is registered with peakery
99. fixed members without passwords not able to reset password (members who signed up with Facebook)
100. changed the focus to the username field when login on desktop
101. don’t show a News item when a user likes their own summit log
101. added a 500 Internal Server Error page

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