New insights for Peak List activity

We just released some improvements to the Peak List pages to provide you with more insight into the peakery community’s activity in each list.  Now you can answer questions like:

1. How popular is a peak list?

We’ve added the total number of pursuers and finishers right next to each list on the Peak Lists page. Pursuers are peakery members who’ve claimed at least 1 peak that belongs to a peak list but have yet to complete the list. When you claim a peak that belongs to a peak list, you automatically become a pursuer of the list and your progress in the list is added to your Profile. A pursuer becomes a finisher upon claiming all peaks in a list.


2. Who’s active in a peak list?

Before you could only see up to 5 recent claims, pursuers, and finishers. Now click the ‘See all’ links in each of these sections to view new pages showing all members who’ve been active in the list. See all recent claims, pursuers, and finishers for each list.  For example, here’s a new list of all finishers of the the White Mountain 4000 Footers (congrats!).


3. Which peaks in a list are most popular? Or least popular?

In addition to viewing all the peaks in each list by Highest Elevation and Name, we’ve added the ability to view by how many claims each peak has. This gives a quick sense of which peaks are most popular and which ones are the least visited. This can be valuable and interesting info in deciding your next objective. For example: did you know that Grays Peak is the most claimed Colorado 14er in the list? Any guesses on what the least claimed Colorado 14ers on the list are? (click here for answer)

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