Introducing the Elevation Slider: a simple yet powerful map tool

Sometimes you just want a quick way to see the highest mountains in an area or peaks within a certain range of altitude. Now in peakery’s Map View you can filter all peaks by height with a simple Elevation Slider, the first of its kind on the web. It lets you quickly see peaks within a given range of elevation by letting you set a minimum height as well as a maximum height. You can also toggle between feet and meters.

Elevation Slider showing all peaks over 13,000 ft

Play with the slider a bit and you’ll quickly get a great sense of how many peaks are within certain elevation bands. It’s a simple yet powerful map tool to help in your mountain explorations.

Get your personalized peakery 2011 Annual Report!

Your peakery Annual Report documents your year in the mountains. It’s a comprehensive summary including all of your claimed peaks and summit logs from 2011.

To view your report, go to the Reports tab on your profile and click the link. Then we’ll send the report to your email address.

Top 5 new things on peakery

1. Bigger photos & maps

We’ve optimized peakery for larger screens with bigger photos and maps. Now browsing peaks is better than ever.  We also added a slideshow for peak page photos to let you flip through photos faster.

Note: if peakery doesn’t fit on your screen, hit control-minus twice in your browser and it should look right.

2. Enhanced your profile

Your peakery profile is your home when not in the mountains.  Your mountain shrine.  Given its importance, we’ve been constantly improving it.  Some notable changes:

  • see all your claimed peaks in List, Map, and Photo views (click the Peaks claimed stat)
  • a new photo page showing all photos you’ve added (click the Photos stat)
  • see unique peaks claimed vs. total claims
  • see your Most claimed peak
  • Peak List filters to see All, Claimed, and Unclaimed peaks for each list
  • see comments from summit logs in the Comments tab
  • new Reports tab with your peakery 2011 Annual Report

3. Map of claimed vs. unclaimed

A simple yet powerful enhancement to the peakery Map view. Now when you go to Find Peaks and click the Map view, all of your claimed peaks will show up with green markers.  Also at the bottom of the map you can now see photos of some of the peaks you’ve claimed.Use these new features to discover unclaimed peaks and easily get a sense of how thoroughly you’ve explored a region.  Find out the closest unclaimed peak to your home… and then get out there and claim it!


4. Over 10,000 corrections

peakery aims to create the largest, most accurate collection of the world’s mountains. Thanks to the combined efforts of all peakery members, over 10,000 data fixes have been made since our last update.

With over 325,000 peaks on the site, we still need your help!  If you see an error or missing piece of info, please click the ‘See an error? Report it here’ or the ‘help improve info’ links on any peak page.  Also, if you want to add a missing peak, click the Add peak link in Find Peaks.


5. Now with 49 Peak Lists

Peak lists provide challenging goals for mountain enthusiasts of all technical abilities.  peakery continues to add famous, popular, and challenging peak lists from around the world.  Now featuring 49 lists it was time to add a directory to better organize them by region.  Also we revised each peak list page to show your progress at the top.

Some of the new lists:

Other new stuff:

  • Added this blog featuring the latest updates from base camp.
  • Added prominence and alternate names fields for peaks. You can add this info to any peak that’s missing it.
  • Revised ranking stats on Leaders page to be based on peaks claimed not total claims
  • News: added All filter; summit claims now show excerpts of users’ trip reports.
  • List view: shows multiple peak lists per peak; search improvements (accents etc.).
  • Added some territories to the world directory
  • Speedier search and faster database.
  • An Easter egg on the homepage.

peakery End of August update

We’ve added a lot of new stuff to peakery since our last update in June.  First thing’s first though:

Winners of the peakery 2011 Summer Kickoff Contest:
In our July contest, 3 lucky peakery members won some sweet gear. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Top 5 new things on peakery

1. See the Leaders.
In every region in the world.

A new way to see who’s claimed peaks around the world. View activity in last 30 days, last 365 days, or all-time. Then drilldown to a country or region level to see who’s claimed peaks there (like in Colorado, for example). Find out who’s been knocking off the most summits in your neck of the woods. Then get out there and claim more peaks to improve your rank!

2. Follow other members.
Be first to hear the news.

Stay updated on the latest summit claims by Following other members.  When you Follow someone, you’ll see their latest peakery activity in your News page.  You can Follow anyone on peakery, such as friends, active climbers in your region, and hardcore mountaineers.  When someone Follows you, it shows up in your News and you’ll receive an email letting you know (you can turn off the email notifications in Settings).

3. Improved summit logging.

Claiming summits and signing the summit log is central to the site, so we made it better with a bunch of improvements, including:

  • add longer trip reports more easily in grow-to-fit box
  • add up to 6 photo per summit log
  • select a photo directly from your summit log to be the main peak photo
  • tag companions with auto-complete
  • select routes from known routes for that peak sorted by popularity
  • immediately see your progress on related peak lists and other stats related to your claim
  • share easily with Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Claim a peak now and try it out.

4. Like and comment on summit logs.

Now when someone adds a summit log to peakery, other members can give it a Like or add commments to it.  When this happens to your summit log, you’ll learn about it on your News page and also in an email notification.  We’re excited to finally have a way for members to give feedback on all of the excellent summit logs being shared.

5. First Ascents & Multiple ascents.

When you’re the first person to claim a peak on peakery, you’ll snag the peakery First Ascent (note: not the same as the historical first ascent). This means the peak will forever bear your name.  Also you can now claim a peak more than once, a much requested feature.  When you claim multiple ascents, the number of ascents appears on the peak’s summit badge on your Profile.

Other new stuff:

  • Streamlined the top navigation and added a News icon that lights up when there’s news.
  • Added a separate Settings area for resetting password, adding Facebook and Twitter accounts, managing email notifications, and finding friends already using peakery on Facebook and Gmail.
  • Option to Sign up and Log in with your Facebook account.
  • On your profile: new layout for Bio info with Following and Followers stats, added user ranks and peak list completions to the right column, added time filters on your summit logs, top companions now based on your summit logs and linked to members’ profile pages.
  • Simplified UI for list view / map view / photo view.

New peak lists:

If you know of a peak list with wide appeal that we should add, please let us know at

What would you like to see next?

We’d love to hear from you. You can email us at or get in touch on our Facebook page or on Twitter@peakery.

See you at the summit,

the peakery team

Introducing 3D Peak Fly Arounds (and other new stuff)

A lot of new stuff to report since our last update in March.

Announcing the peakery 2011 Summer Kickoff Contest

Summer is prime peakbagging season, so to kick it off we’re giving away some amazing gear to 3 lucky peakery members:
  • During July 2011, every summit log with a photo that you add counts as one entry.
  • Your entries are limited only by the number of summit logs that you add.
  • Winners will be chosen at random from all entries.

Top 5 new things on peakery:

1. Now with 338,000 peaks.
By far the most on the web.

With over 180,000 new peaks from around the world, peakery is now a truly global resource for exploring the world’s mountains. To make it even easier to browse, we expanded the World Peak Directory to include sub-regions for every country in the world.


2. Incredible 3D Fly Around view
A whole new level of visualization.

For the first time ever, fly around a peak in 3D right in your web browser!  It works for all of the 338,000 peaks in peakery. On every peak page is a small preview of the 3D fly around; to see it big click the ‘show bigger’ link.  Requires an install of the Google Earth browser plugin (get it here) which takes just a few seconds.

Check out these 3D Fly Arounds:
Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia
Longs Peak, Colorado
Grand Teton, Wyoming
Tre Cime, Italy


3. Edit the info of any peak.  We need your help.

Since March we’ve fixed over 5,000 data issues with help from members.  With all of the new peaks, we need your help more than ever. So we just added an easier way to report corrections: just click the ‘edit info’ link on any peak page.  Every correction you make brings peakery a step closer to  being the world’s most accurate peak collection. Thanks for your help.

4. Add missing peaks.
So you (and others) can claim them.

Even with 338,000 peaks, there are still many, many peaks not in peakery yet. The long-term goal is to include every peak in the world and we certainly need your help to get there. Just click the Add Missing Peak link at the top to submit a missing peak.  We’ll review the submission and let you know when it’s approved.


5. Over 30 peak lists and counting.
Never run out of peak goals.

We’ve been adding some of the world’s best peak lists to peakery.  Here are some of the ones we’ve added recently:

If you know of a peak list with wide appeal that we should add, please let us know at


Other new stuff:

  • 3 to 5x faster with a new database, load optimization, and other speed improvements
  • Browse your claimed peaks on a fullsize map.
  • When you click the Summit Logs tab, now loads 20 summit logs instead of 5.
  • Search improvements: accepts foreign characters, accents, strips spaces and common words.
  • Enabled mouse wheel zoom in all Google maps.
  • Updated all peak descriptions to auto-update when data changes.
  • Added a Summit log summary for every peak.
  • Border peaks: peaks can now be in multiple countries and regions.


What’s next?

  • Improved view of all member activity by timeframe and region
  • More easily share your mountain experiences
  • Ways to interact with other members

Introducing the new!

Announcing the all new! A complete overhaul with tons of new features.

Claim the peaks you summit.

Explore and collect mountain experiences.
Explore the most mountains on the web Immersive peak viewing experience Claim your bagged peaks Your very own peak page
Featuring over 150,000 peaks from around the globe. Find peaks by browsing lists, maps, and photos. Use peakery to envision your next peak objective with photos, trip reports, stats, and maps. Then get out there and bag it. peakery is the place to log your summits. Add trip details, triumphant summit photos, and get summit badges. Try doing that in a summit canister. Think of it as your summit resumé. Collect your summit history, see stats, and track progress on famous peak lists.

Explore the most mountains on the web.
Browse them all.
Easily browse over 150,000 of the world’s mountains in 3 different views: List ViewMap View and Photo View. Or browse mountains by region in the Peak Directory.



Immersive peak viewing experience.
Second only to being there.

peakery gives you a better sense of each mountain with big photos, trip reports, peak stats, route info, and maps. Read the Summit Log to learn other peakbaggers’ experiences. Get a sense of the surrounding area by browsing the nearest and highest peaks. For example, check out Mount Everest or Longs Peak.
Look for an incredible feature in this area soon.




Claim your bagged peaks.
Get summit badges.

After you return safely from the summit of the latest peak, peakery is the place to share your summit experience. Add trip details, photos, route info, and who you went with. Then share your accomplishment with others on Facebook and Twitter. Every peak you bag earns you its summit badge. As you bag more peaks, rise up the peakbagger ranks as shown on the Peak Baggers page.


Your very own peak page.
A summit resumé.

Your summit badges, summit log entries, photos, and progress on famous peak lists from around the world all come together on your very own Peak Page. Add a short peak bio here to introduce yourself. Browse other peakbagger’s peak pages too.



What’s new (the comprehensive list):

  • 70% faster than old version after a complete code re-write.  Sooo much faster.
  • New design and layout that’s more organized with less clutter.
  • 2 new views to explore peaks: List View and Photo View. Makes it much easier to find peaks.
  • Bigger map in Map View. Also upgraded Google Maps integration to latest version for faster performance.
  • “Highest on map” feature highlighting the highest peak in Map View.  A useful feature for peakbaggers.
  • Easier summit logging.  Also now add up to 3 photos per summit log.
  • New sections on the 150,000 peak pages: STATS section showing elevation, rank in region, range, location, peak lists a part of, and who bagged by.  HIGHEST PEAKS section showing highest peaks within 250 mi / 400 km; these are often very well-known and interesting peaks.  ROUTES USED section showing most popular trails & approaches used.
  • Summit badges! A unique badge for each peak. Collect them all!
  • Completely revamped your profile page with:  Map of peaks bagged, summit badges claimed, summit log entries, peak list progress, and comments.  Expanded BIO section with ways to add your next peak goal, favorite peak, and links to your website/blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr pages.  New STATS section that automatically shows your highest peak bagged, regions with most peaks bagged, and top companions.
  • Better photo viewing in lightboxes.
  • Improved email sharing abilities with Sharethis widget.
  • More social peak lists. See who recently summited peaks in a list, in-progress leaders, and who finished.  Also Peak lists are now organized by region.
  • New Peak lists for the United Kingdom: Corbetts, Donalds, Grahams, and of course the Munros.
  • New peak directory pages for states/provinces/regions for every country in the world!
  • Support for Imperial and Metric throughout (user requested).
  • HUGE peak photo on the homepage of the most recently bagged peak.
  • See recent photos and active peakbaggers on the homepage. Click ‘more’ to see full page of the most recent photos.
  • New About page explaining what this new site offers.

What’s next?

  • An incredible new way to visualize each peak. It’s really awesome, can’t wait to show you.
  • Enormous batch of new peaks.
  • Improved photo viewing experience.